Supply Enactment Selangor 2010-2022

Requesting the Supply Enactment [Enakmen Perbekalan Negeri Selangor] and Additional Supply Enactment [Enakmen Perbekalan Tambahan] (from the year 2010 to 2022)

Requests were initially made to Selangor Finance Department but were later directed and transfered to SUK Office. The SUK Office has asked for such documents from Selangor government departments such as the Selangor State Assembly, and the Chambers of the Selangor Legal Advisor (Kamar Penasihat Undang-Undang).

Initial request was for supply bill (Rang Undang-Undang). Upon phone call from the Deputy Secretary of Dewan Selangor, Supply Enactment was also requested.

The mentioned Selangor government department do not have the requested documents. Such details were also explained through a phone call from the Deputy Secretary of the Selangor State Assembly. 

The answer received from this request suggests getting the documents from (PNMB) Malaysia National Printing Press Berhad.

A document request from PNMB are priced at RM 5 per page of documents.

The immediate question here is why is the Dewan Selangor or related government agencies not having a copy of their own published work. It was even explained to applicant that the Legal Advisor will buy the documents from PNMB when the need to use or refer to them arise.


  • Date of request: 22 March 2022
  • Date of receiving answer: 11 April 2022
  • Date of appeal: 29 April 2022
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